NanoDTM PC beam-control plate is a premium product with BlumiTek innovation for shaping beam angle within 1-mm thickness for different lighting applications. The NanoDTM series can provide different beam angles from 120 degree down to 50 degree. By patented robust design, our products can be used in direct-lit and edge-lit lighting without conventional optical tooling and independent of light-source types and light-source layout. The NanoDTM series offer an universal optical solution for ultra-thin lighting products especially fitting for LED luminaires. 


    NanoDTM PC光束角系列是中蓝光电的创新产品,在1mm的超薄平板内实现光束角的控制,控光角度从120度到50度。通过多项独有的专利设计,我们的产品可以适用于直下式和侧发光式的照明应用,不需要传统的光学模具投入,同时可以适用不同的光源类型和光源排布。 NanoDTM光束角系列提供了一种通用光学解决方案,特别适用于超薄的LED照明产品。