NanoHTM polycarbonate(PC) diffuser plate is a series of optical-bright opal-white sheets with unique light diffusing properties. These diffusion sheets are filled with different levels of light-scattering agent and have featured surface finish, which provides good hiding power for LED hot spots while maintaining high light transmission. The extruded sheets are developed for lighting industry, especially applications based on LED light sources.

    NanoHTM is a diffuser plate with unique double-side texture finish, it increases the light uniformity throughout a patented micro-lens structure on topside surface; the finish also provides a better hiding power than other traditional diffuser sheets (with the same diffuser level), especially at thinner thickness gauges. The optical features make the sheet a perfect choice for LED applications, in which a combination of high light transmission and high light diffusion is needed.


    NanoHTM 微纳米高扩散系列是中蓝光电的优异产品,采用独特的微结构设计和优质的扩散剂,让产品拥有更高的透光率和扩散性能。通过微结构的扩散性能,进一步提高了产品的扩散能力。同时,在达到相同扩散度的同时可以提高材料的透光率,进而提升了灯具的光学效率。


    NanoHTM 微纳米高扩散系列广泛应用在LED筒灯,LED面板灯,LED吸顶灯等各种LED照明产品以及汽车照明和显示背光等领域。